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IDentiWall: Secure online transactions


IDentiWall Breakthrough

Phishing - can't harm you

Identity theft - not your problem

Infected customer's computer - doesn't matter

e-commerce - protected

On-line banking - finally secure

Cumbersome one-time password devices - obsolete   

Mass deploymenta breeze

Technological marvels created a new and wonderful electronic marketplace. On-line merchandising, banking and stock trading opened a new world of convenience and new commercial opportunities. But the unpoliced marketplace created opportunities for thieves and rogues. IDentiWall has a solution.

Identity Theft

Danger! Your identity is not secure - Identity theft that compromises Web transactions is a problem that promises to grow exponentially and cost billions of dollars each year. Phishing schemes, Trojan horses, Man-in-the-Browser and other ingenious swindles can bilk your customers and ruin your online business, whether it is banking, insurance, product sales, stock transactions or any other Web transaction involving money or confidential information.

Phishing attacks send your unsuspecting customers urgent e-mails telling them to resubmit their identification information at a Web site, but the Web site in question only looks like the the legitimate business site. It is bogus. Trojan horse attacks download malicious man-in-the-browser software that collects customer ID information as it is entered in "secure" SSL Web site forms. Web thieves collect this information and use it to empty bank accounts and brokerage accounts.


Secure Online Financial Transactions

IDentiWall has a simple, elegant and relatively inexpensive solution. IDentiWall uses advanced technology to implement secure multi-stage authentication using customers' cell phones with a One Time Password mechanism. IDentiWall's easy to install system requires no modification of the firm's software or the customer's computer, no tokens and no cards. IDentiWall's sophisticated technology delivers strong authentication and transaction verification to ensure the safety of every Web transaction. IDentiWall has solutions and products for banking, insurance companiesrestricted web sites, universities, secure web mail  and more. 

Secure online transactions should be a priority for banks who want to maximize customer coverage at the least possible cost. Doing business on the Web saves money for banks and brings convenience for customers. IDentiWall makes More Efficient Banking possible.

Affordable Security for Online Financial Transactions

IDentiWall is not only the best solution for secure online financial transactions, it is also the least expensive. Check out our competition. Flexible licensing policies allow you to choose the most cost-effective solution. Check the comparison sheet for IDentiWall Versus In-house Security Solutions too.

Secure Online Financial Transactions